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AutomationKırankaya engineering, while serving in many different areas with its superior expertise and long-established experience, we believe that every new Project that we complete is adding brand new values to life and to our corporate knowledge which is aiming to improve life.
Every new institution and every new individual to which we extend our service aiming to reach customer satisfaction at the highest level joins us as an indispensable part of this chain of values.

Our major Services in the Area of Energy: Boiler Room Operation Works , Improvement of Energy systems in Industry, Energy Savings Projects and Applications, Eko Manufacture and Assembly ,Manufacture and Assembly of Condensers , Design and Manufacture of Sound Isolation Silencer , Designing Acid Vapors and Chimney Gas Emissions, Design and Manufacture of Water Decalcification Units, Design and Manufacture of De-alkalized Facility , Design and Manufacture of Vapor and Air Silencers, Design and Manufacture of De-mineralized Facility, Design and Manufacture of Cooling Towers, Manufacture of Condensers, Manufacture of Exchangers, Construction of Radial Confection Building 6000 m2 , Enlargement Construction of the Boiler Room Building 1200 m2, Project and Manufacture of Fire Circuits, Tüpraş Changing the Metal Sheets of Tanks , Factory Building, Administrative Building, Loading Ramps , Construction of Dining Hall Buildings 6200 m2, Tüpraş Changing underground pipes, Construction of the Cogeneration Building 800m2, Renewal of the Hot Water Boiler Pipes and Renewal of the Refractory, Preparing the project of Softening Columns, Manufacture and Assembly , Coordinating Energy, Assembly of Burners and LPG Circuits Modification , Manufacture of Flash Vapor Device, Modification of the Plant’s Heating Pipe Works, Manufacture and Assembly of Vapor Nozzle, Modification of Factory Heating Lines , Automation of Central Heating Installation , Underground Water network repair, Modification of Transmitter Circuits, Chemical Cleaning Works of Exchangers, Improvement Works of De-mineralized Facilities, 2 units Boiler Refractory Works with Water Pipes, , Manufacture and Assembly of Boilers Fuel-Oil Circuits, Manufacture of Monorail Hoist System to the Accumulator Workshop, Elastic Band Confection Machine Revision and Modification Works Trafila (Wire Drawing) Revision Works and Modification Mesculator Revision Works Modification, Manufacture and Assembly of Air Circuits of Various Diameters , Rubber Cooling Machine Revision Works and Modification, Monorail 6m height and 55m length Manufacture and Assembly of Monorail Hoist System, Manufacture of Coil racks , Banbury Maintenance and Repair Works , Banbury Maintenance Repair and Modification Works , Conditioned Rooms Climate Systems Chemical Cleaning Works , Conditioned Rooms Climate Systems Manufacture of Exchangers , Valve Changing in High Pressure Boilers , Welding works with film , Maintenance of Level Gauges , Modification Works in Gas Circuits, Blast resistant cover system modification , KSB Pump Maintenance Repair, Painting with Special Paint Sickle Shafts of Boilers of 35m height , Establishing Reverse Osmosis System and Mix-Bed Demineralization System, Decalcification Column Manufacture and Assembly, Procuring cationic resin, Procuring Quartz Sand..

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